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Top 10 Performing Container Leasing Companies of 2024: [Unveiling the Industry Leaders]

Embark on a journey with us to explore the ‘Top 10 Container Leasing companies of 2024’. Discover why leasing is crucial to the shipping world and how it keeps our daily lives in order. Join us in an enlightening adventure filled with industry insights, humor, and wisdom, as we celebrate the leaders driving economic growth and innovation in container leasing. Set sail towards new knowledge and subscribe to our membership for the latest in the container leasing saga. Your exploration of these industry titans starts now!

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Overview and Benefits of Container Leasing Companies

Before diving into our top 10 container leasing companies, here’s a quick overview of the industry. Container leasing companies, managing about 52% of the world’s containers, play a vital role by leasing or managing fleets for investors.

Carrier carrying containers

They handle acquisitions, leasing, and trading of intermodal containers. In 2021, the global container leasing market was worth $5.2 billion and is projected to grow to $7.1 billion by 2026, with an annual growth rate of 17%. This surge is due to shippers and carriers increasingly opting for leasing over buying for its flexibility and cost savings, including reduced storage fees and maintenance costs.

Why is One-Way Container Leasing Preferred?

One-way lease is a leasing arrangement, in which you use a container for just one journey. If you go for a one-way lease, you pay rent according to the pick-up charges and free days. The free days are the number of days you can use the containers for free before you start paying per diem charges.

If you’re shipping from a port with a container surplus to the one with a deficit, the container owner will happily adjust the free days and pick-up charges according to your needs. As a result, you’ll have to pay much less than the standard leasing rate.

container leasing companies

If you’re wondering why then the answer is simple — one-way leasing gets the job done without putting a dent in your pocket. Paying high surcharges to carriers is one of the biggest challenges faced by shippers today. With one-way leasing, you bring your own container. Therefore, you don’t have to pay demurrage and detention charges to the carriers.

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Top 10  Container Leasing Company Ranking

Now that you’ve understood the basics of container leasing, let’s look at the container leasing company ranking. Here are the top 10 leasing companies in the order of their TEU fleet capacity.

RankContainer Leasing CompaniesTEU Capacity 
1TRITON International7.1 million
2Textainer Group4.4 million
3Florens 3.9 million
4Seaco Global2.4 million
5Beacon Intermodal1.8 million
6CAI International 1.5 million
7Seacube Containers1.2 million
8Touax Container Solutions393,064
9Blue Sky Intermodal300,000
10CARU Containers

1. TRITON International

triton container

Year founded: 1980

Headquarters: Hamilton, Bermuda

Triton International is the world’s largest lessor of intermodal containers and equipment. The leasing company has a fleet of 7.1 million TEUs. With 19 offices in 14 countries, the extensive global network allows Triton to have the lowest cost ratios in the industry. Furthermore, the leasing company earned $1.53 billion in 2021.

The container leasing company has an illustrious clientele. Triton supplies to world’s leading shipping lines such as CMA CGM, COSCO Shipping, Hapag Lloyd, HMM, Mediterranean Shipping Company, ONE Line, Yang Ming, and Maersk. 

2. Textainer Group

Textainer container leasing

Year founded: 1979

Headquarters: Hamilton, Bermuda

You can lease dry containers, specialized containers, reefers, and tank containers from Textainer. It also has access to 400 depots globally.

3. Florens

Florens container leasing

Year founded: 1987

Headquarters: Hong Kong

Florens is the third-largest container leasing company with a fleet of 3.9 million TEUs. With 20+ offices in 10 countries, Florens has an active presence in America, Europe, and Asia. The leasing company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING. Furthermore, It has captured about one-fifth of the global market with the world’s top 20 shipping lines as its customers.

You can lease dry containers, reefers, open tops, and tank containers from Florens. It also offers access to 300+ depots on 5 continents.

4. SeaCo Global

Seaco container leasing

Year founded: 1998

Headquarters: Bermuda

As a part of HNA Group, SeaCo Global boasts one of the largest fleets of standard and specialized containers. Its fleet capacity proudly stands at 2.4 million TEUs. Operating through a network of 23 sales and support offices globally, the container leasing company ensures a widespread reach and reliable service.

You can lease dry containers, reefers, flat racks, open tops, bulkers, pallet wides, and tank containers from SeaCo. You can also get roll trailers and swap bodies. It also has an independent depot network in 175+ port locations across 50 countries.

5. Beacon Intermodal

beacon container

Year founded: 2008

Headquarters: Boston, USA

A subsidiary of Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc, Beacon Intermodal secures its position as the fifth largest container leasing company with a robust fleet size of 1.8 million TEUs. With a global footprint spanning 11 offices, Beacon Intermodal’s containers grace over 125 ports worldwide. However, as a full-service entity, it extends a trio of offerings encompassing leasing, resale, and asset management to cater to its clientele’s diverse needs

You can lease dry containers and reefers from Beacon Intermodal. The company also has access to 180+ depots worldwide.

6. CAI International

CAI container leasing

Year founded: 1989

Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area, USA

You can lease dry containers, reefers, open tops, flat racks, and pallet wide containers. The company also leases gensets and swap bodies. CAI has a network of 250+ depot facilities in 48 countries.

7. SeaCube Containers

seacube container

Year founded: 2010

Headquarters: New Jersey, USA

SeaCube champions the global arena in leasing and selling reefers, boasting a claim to the most advanced and eco-friendly refrigerated containers. Meanwhile, with a formidable fleet of 1.2 million TEUs in active service, SeaCube has woven a well-knit network extending across Europe, America, and Asia, manifesting its prominent footprint in the refrigerated container leasing sector.

You can lease dry containers, reefers, and gensets from SeaCube. The company is a global leader with 200+ depots worldwide.

8. Touax Container Solutions

Touax container

Year founded: 1975

Headquarters: Paris, France

Touax stands as the largest European container leasing company, boasting a fleet size of 393,064 TEUs. Beyond containers, the company also leases railcars and barges. With a broadened horizon, Touax has extended its container leasing operations across Asia, North and South America, and Europe. The financial footprint of the company was marked with a revenue tally of $127.8 million in 2021, of which container leasing contributed to 38%.

You can lease, buy, and trade new and old equipment from Touax. Additionally, it has 200+ warehouse partners all over the world

9. Blue Sky Intermodal

Headquarters: Buckinghamshire, UK

Tenth on the list of container leasing company ranking, Blue Sky Intermodal operates from Marlow, UK. It has a fleet size of 300k+ containers. The company specializes in providing long-term leases of standard containers and related products to shipping lines. They also sell new and used containers globally for use in secondary and domestic markets.

10. CARU Containers

CARU container leasing

Year founded: 2000

Headquarters: Rotterdam, Netherlands

CARU Containers is a container trading and leasing company. With 10 offices worldwide, the company is operational in 70+ countries all over the world.

You can lease old and new dry containers, flat racks, open tops, and double door containers from CARU. They also provide customized storage containers. The company also works together with 200+ depots globally.

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Leasing dashboard

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Common FAQ: Container Leasing Companies

What is container leasing and why is it important?

Container leasing refers to renting shipping containers for a specific period of time. This service is provided by container leasing companies and is crucial in maintaining the global supply chain as it provides the necessary resources for the transportation of goods across the world.

How does the container leasing platform work?

Our container leasing platform connects you with top-ranked container leasing companies globally. You can simply log in, enter your pick-up and drop-off locations, and receive multiple offers from different leasing companies. This way, you can compare rates and select the best deal that fits your budget.

How does one-way container leasing work?

Leasing containers provides increased flexibility, lower storage fees, and eliminates maintenance costs, making it a more economical choice for many businesses. Additionally, one-way leasing allows for cost savings, as you only pay for the usage of the container on one journey.

How does one-way container leasing work?

One-way lease is a leasing arrangement, where you use a container for just one trip. You pay rent according to the pick-up charges and free days. The free days are the number of days you can use the containers for free before you start paying per diem charges.

What does “vetted members” mean on your platform?

“Vetted members” refer to companies that have undergone a thorough review and background check to ensure legitimacy and trustworthiness. This process is designed to ensure that all transactions on our platform are secure and reliable.

How do I compare offers from different leasing companies on the platform?

Once you’ve entered your pick-up and drop-off locations, the platform will display a list of offers from various leasing companies. You can then review these offers and compare them based on the leasing rates, terms, and services to choose the best option for your needs.

Are the top-ranking container leasing companies available on the platform?

Yes, our platform hosts some of the top-ranking container leasing companies globally, including Seaco, Trident, Seacube, and many more. You can connect with these leading industry players and avail their services through our platform.

What types of containers can I lease on the platform?

You can lease a wide variety of containers, including dry containers, reefers, open tops, flat racks, and pallet wide containers, among others. The specific types available depend on the offers from the individual leasing companies.

What if I face a problem with a transaction on the platform?

Our customer support is here to assist you. If you face any problem with a transaction, you can reach out to us through the contact details provided on our website. We aim to resolve any issue as quickly and smoothly as possible.

What locations does the platform cover?

Our platform allows you to lease containers from over 2500+ locations globally. You can enter your specific locations in the search bar to find the most convenient and cost-effective solutions for your business.

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