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Customer Case Study

Simplifying the Complexities of Shipping with Neu-Marke Container Support Solutions

Problem Statement

AAA China Logistics Limited, a prominent freight forwarding company, encountered difficulties in efficiently leasing containers for their global shipping needs. They navigated through a maze of container providers, faced complexities in securing the right equipment, and struggled with the intricacies of container leasing documentation. 

These challenges diverted valuable resources away from their core competency of delivering seamless logistics solutions to clients. If you’re experiencing similar container leasing woes, contact us for a hassle-free solution. Let’s streamline your container leasing process together.

customer case study
case study detailed analysis

Detailed Analysis

AAA China Logistics Limited teamed up with Neu Marke Containers, a leader in container leasing and management, to tackle their complex container logistics queries. Together, they streamlined procurement, secured favorable leasing rates, and optimized utilization, significantly cutting costs.

Neu Marke’s expertise in documentation and compliance data-driven solutions further smoothed the leasing process, reducing penalty risks. Despite initial integration challenges, effective collaboration and communication between AAA China Logistics and Neu Marke Container Solutions led to a fruitful partnership in container leasing.


AAA Logistics Limited’ collaboration with Neu Marke Container Solutions has revolutionized the company’s container leasing and trading processes. The streamlined and efficient container support queries has empowered AAA China Logistics Limited to concentrate on its core operations, driving innovation and facilitating sustainable growth.

Neu Marke’s expert handling of intricate container leasing, trading and insights support query has eliminated bottlenecks in AAA China Logistics Limited’ supply chain, resulting in quicker and more efficient product deliveries to customers. The tangible improvements in customer satisfaction and substantial cost reductions underscore the value that Neu Marke’s Container Solutions brings to the partnership.

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Data and Feedback

Neu Marke’s Expert Support had a remarkable impact on AAA China Limited’ logistics:

  • Shipping costs reduced by 30%
  • Delivery lead time shortened by 20%
  • Customer satisfaction surged from 78% to 94%

AAA Limited’ Director of Ocean Operations, Rocky Lyn, praised Neu Marke Solutions for streamlining operations and delivering substantial cost savings. This success highlights the transformative power of Neu Marke’s container leasing and trading solutions.