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We provide a digital platform for global container transactions, aiming to help logistics professionals secure the best deals on shipper-owned containers with top quality, competitive pricing, and secure payment.

Why {Neu Marke}

We streamline container trading and leasing by directly linking you with verified owners, cutting paperwork, enhancing communication, and boosting transparency

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Our Vision and Mission

In the past, global trade logistics used complicated strategies when things were easier. Now that things are more complex, businesses need to keep things simple. Successful companies have enthusiastically embraced new ways of doing this, defining their path without making it feel too restrictive.

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Using online container trading and leasing platforms has revolutionized the way we lease containers by significantly reducing manual paperwork. Now, we focus on the core business goal without thinking about how to lease containers.

Camal Sea Xing Lu , Freight Manager

We procure raw materials easily across the country without any hitch of using agents to search for shipping containers. Thanks to Neu-Marke for streamlining this trade process for us.

Unilever Johan Beauvais, Procurement Manager

Thanks for providing valuable information through your blogs on how to simplify global trading. We have found the right shipping solutions that satisfy our broader customers across the USA and Europe.

Groovy Synergy Nnenna, E-commerce Retailer

The online container trading and leasing platform has been instrumental in our ability to find fast container shipping options. With real-time availability and efficient search functionality, we can quickly locate containers and arrange for swift shipping movements, ensuring timely deliveries and satisfied customers

Camaweigh Daniel Lee, Business Development Manager

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